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Spray Gun / Shattaf Set


Product Details  
Type Sprayers
Model Number SP30080
Material ABS Plastic
Spray Type Toilet
Detailed Product Description
Toilet Bidet, Shattaf, Spray Gun;
Hight quality with perfect chrome finish;
With stainless steel hose and wall bracket as unit;
Spray Item Information 
A: Life Cycle:
******* 50,000 times in common condition
B: Leakage:
******* No Leakage from 10psi to 120psi 
C: Pressure Tolerance:
******* In close condition, supporting 100psi static pressure for 5 minutes; Supporting 5 to 80 water; NO LEAKAGE;
D: High Temperature Testing:
******* In close condition, supporting the water in 82, water pressure in 125psi, for an half hour, NO Invalidation;
E: Workable Strength: 
******* Under 5LBS for workable strength (4-66 water at 3-100psi)